What's this?

Contained in all the subpages here, are videos of me playing whatever games I happen to decide to record me playing. These are not "superplay" videos by any means (well, at least not currently), but my ego requires I at least display passable proficiency at anything i post publically.


There's not enough people actually doing this, that's why. We can all post text descriptions of 'how to do this part of this game' on forums all we like, but videos really get the point across faster. Some of this is self-analysis. I can see some of my mistakes better when I'm not focusing on actually PLAYING. Perhaps someone can point out something dumb I'm doing when they watch this. I have to use this capture hardware somehow, right?

Capture details

I use a PMS Sweetspot capture card for these videos. The best feature of this card for me is it will do RGB capture, which allows me to avoid converting some things to svideo or component (assuming the converters I have work properly with the source..). The capture software I use is iuVCR. Encoding and editing is done with VirtualDub.


I tend to focus on the 'shooter' (or 'shmup' if you like that word) genre. The majority of videos posted here will be that type. I play plenty of other games, so I'm sure some of those will end up here eventually.


DoDonPachi dai-ou-jou DEATH LABEL


Gradius V


Vasara 2